Unloading Equipment

Sukup Sweepway™

Sukup Sweepway™ is the ultimate unloading system.

  • The unloading sweep is permanently installed in the bin for easy operation. No heavy sweep and motor to carry in and out.
  • The Sweepway™ saves time and labor. There is no need to enter the bin; the Sweepway™ advances into the grain, removing it without back-breaking scooping.
  • Special design prevents opening the intermediate sumps without opening the center sump to protect the sidewalls from uneven unloading.
  • Split backboard on units larger than 60′ reduces sidewall stress during unloading.
  • Intermediate sumps are welded to the unload tube at the factory, so there is no assembly necessary.
  • Number of intermediate sumps is predetermined based upon bin diameter, up to six sumps are used.

Tube & Well and Carry-In Sweeps

Carry-In Sweeps – Low Cost – Easy to Service – Move from One Bin to Another

And don’t forget your power heads – horizontal, vertical and incline powerheads from Sukup, GSI, Hutchinson, and NECO.